Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cunninlynguists - Dirty Acres

I first heard Cunninlynguists with the A Piece of Strange album, which led me to Southernunderground and Will Rap For Food. All of these albums were solid albums, so when I saw the Dirty Acres album, I decided to give it a listen. Wow. It is rare nowadays that a group will show progression from one album to the next. Part of this is the fact that major labels will drop the artist if he doesn’t immediately go platinum. Which in today’s rap music means creating a mindless track talking about your jewels and rims and making a stupid dance to go with it. Luckily, Cunninlynguists aren’t on a major label and so they have the latitude to mature as artists.

Cunninlynguists have developed to sound like the Goodie Mob of the Soul Food days. Weaving through tales of the south and current political issues, they are able to put thoughtful lyrics with top notch production from Kno. Even with the obligatory shout out to their region “KKKY”, they are able to stick with this concept. Not since Little Brother have 2 MC’s seemed so in sync with the production from the DJ/producer. That isn’t to say they are on Little Brother’s level quite yet, but if their development as artists continues on this path, they’re on their way. In a year with few high quality albums, this stands out prominently. Even in a great year, I think this would stand out.

Rating: 5 out of 5


DeepRoots said...

cunnins not on litlle brothers level?

hahaha ... must be a joke ... new little brother sucks in my opinion ... and all their stuff sounds the same ... im sick of the 1200th same 9th beat ... boring boring boring

and what u have written bout that major labels ... thats exactly what happened to LB ... stupid lyrics bout clubbin, chicks, bling bling

but thats just my opinion ... keep on bloggin!

righthook said...

@deeproots - I agree with the new LB, but I prefer to remember LB from the Minstrel Show and The Listening. Hopefully Get Back is just a bump in the road.

DeepRoots said...

hopefully yea ...

everyone got its own taste ... i enjoyed the listening too yea ... but all that older cunnin stuff is way better in my opinon

no need to argue bout mucical taste ;)

but for me cunnins are easily on the level of LB