Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology 3

OK. Another Hi-Teknology album. First off, I really liked the production. Also, I liked the Talib Kweli track. Other than that, the tracks range from slightly above average to mediocre. The Ohio All-Stars couldn’t even make the high minor leagues. “Handling My Bizness” with M-1 was okay. The Little Brother track and the Raekwon/Ghostface track just didn’t grab me. The Outlawz come with about their 30th track reminding you they were affiliated with Tupac. It’s starting to be a close competition now between the Outlawz and Afeni Shakur over who can pimp Tupac’s legacy more. The main problem with this album was the artist selection. I’ve seen interviews with Hi-Tek where he said he wanted to keep this album more street oriented. Well, the reason some of these artists are street is because nobody would give them a record deal. It’s a shame he ruined these decent beats with these artists. He has gone steadily down with each of his releases. At this rate, expect Yung Joc and Soulja Boy to be on Volume 4. Hopefully, his mind was on making Reflection Eternal 2 a classic.

Rating 2.5 out of 5


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I.R.A. Soldier said...

i agree with the bad artist selection. There seemed to be a lot of singers. i skipped quite a few tracks.

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