Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wu Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams

There is plenty written about 8 Diagrams already. Everybody has an opinion, including the artists. Ghostface didn’t do himself any favors with his comments. First, he complains about not getting paid for Wu projects, then makes comments that could make the project tank. If you want more money, then the project has to make more money. It may be time for Ghostface to take Finance 101. Second, if you don’t like the beat either a) refuse to rhyme over it or b) if you’re so lazy you’re mailing in your lyrics without a beat to go with it in the first place, don’t get mad with the beat that’s selected.

With that being said, the album is not that bad. The problem is that it feels extremely scattered. Different members on different tracks with no theme to the rhymes is what’s typical of this release. The production is really hit or miss. I realize that RZA was trying out some new things, but sometimes it doesn’t even seem to come close. The beats, while not bad, probably would have been better on a solo album where you know the style of the artists and can mold the lyrics and beats. Ultimately, this sounded more like a producer’s compilation rather than a group album. It ends with what sounds like an old ODB demo track. Although it was great, they put him on here, you would think with the technology available, they could have cleaned up the sound a little better.

With all that being said though, this is still worth a listen. I tended to like The Heart Gently Weeps and Stick Me For My Riches, but by looking over the internet, everybody seems to like different tracks, so the listener will have to decide for himself. Since this appears to be the last Wu album we’ll hear for a long time from the interviews, it can be considered a disappointment, but there are some solid tracks to go back and listen to. Maybe it’s fitting that the album ends with a track from a deceased member from their glory days.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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